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Verlag: T³ Sverige

Autor: Bengt Åhlander

Fach:  Mathematics

Schlagwörter: Curriculum, Fractions, Index, Geometry, T3

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Adding Fractions

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Fach:  Mathematics

Schlagwörter: Fractions, Similarity

Innovative way to explore fraction concepts, particularly equivalence and addition.

Moving from Degrees to Radians

Autor: Nevil Hopley

Schlagwörter: Fractions, Decimals, Angles, History of maths, Trigonometry

Measuring angles using degrees and radians (both decimals and fractions of π).

Triangle construction

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Fractions

When constructing triangles, why is there only one possibility?

Estimating fractional areas

Autor: David J C Elgin

Schlagwörter: Fractions, Percentages, Area

An activity to help students think about and appreciate simple fractions.

Fraction Diagrams

Autor: David J C Elgin

Schlagwörter: Fractions, Area

Assistance to understand fractions.

Dissecting squares

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Fractions, Scattergraphs, Algebra, Geometry

A square is dissected to form three triangles and a quadrilateral. What fraction of the square is each part?