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Are Mathematical and Scientific Models different?

Autor: Ian Galloway

Fach:  STEM

Schlagwörter: Modelling, Parabola, Physics, Quadratic, Software, Tangent, Vector calculus

Using the fitting of curves to cables this activity examines the nature of scientific and mathematical modeling. Either student instruction or CPD for professionals.

Koda med TI | Loopar | TI-84 Plus

Verlag: Texas Instruments Sverige

Autor: TI Sweden

Fach:  STEM

Schlagwörter: Programming, T3, Vector calculus

Kapitel 4 - Övning 1 - Loopar och For(…)-loopen.


Autor: Texas Instruments Sverige

Fach:  Mathematics

Schlagwörter: Curriculum, Vector calculus

Ma 1 - Geometri - I de nya ämnesplanerna från 2011 ska eleverna i kurs 1c studera vektorbegreppet.