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Pattern spotting in the context of the chemical formulas of the hydrocarbons

Autor: Barrie Galpin


Schlagwörter Patterns, STEM, Chemistry

Mathematically this activity is similar to many others which involve spotting patterns, finding term-to-term and nth-term formulas. The main difference here is that the problem comes from chemistry and the formulas are actual chemical formulas. The availability of information on the internet also means that students can make predictions using mathematics and then find out more about hydrocarbons and see whether their predictions are correct using Internet research.

This activity makes use of a number of features of TI-Nspire without the need for much prior experience.

The activity is one of seven in a booklet entitled Using Real World Data. This is part of a series of booklets presenting STEM Activities with TI-Nspire, published by Texas instruments in 2010.