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Understanding climate change means complex thinking about a large number of variables and establishing connections between them.

Das Heft zur Bedeutung von Kohlenstoffdioxid (CO2) für den Klimawandel in englischer Sprache. Es beinhaltet ein Set von 5 Experimenten.

Verlag: T³ Europe

Herausgeber: Ian Galloway

Autor: Frank Liebner

Fach:  Chemie  MINT


Mankind has been upsetting the Carbon Dioxide balance for the last two hundred years. It is no surprise that this has an impact on many parts of the biosphere and plays a part in global warming. This work contains 5 complete student experiments involving the use of CO2. Each experiment can be carried out independently or as part of a program of study.  It highlights the complex inter-relation between the many physical  properties of CO2  and the natural world, while at the same time allowing the student to focus their attention on a single aspect.  

Publisher specific license