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Profil : Barrie Galpin


Barrie Galpin

United Kingdom

DEMO Description

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Pythagoras - two approaches

Areas of squares ...or lengths of sides, squared?

Autor: Barrie Galpin

The arbelos

Investigate relationships between radii of the semicircles and the perimeter and area of this interesting shape

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Perimeter, Area, Circles

Dimensions of a Circle

Derive the formulae for the circumference and area of a circle using multiple representations.

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Circumference, Area, Circles

Mean or Median?

Distinguish between mean and median from a dot plot

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Mode, Median

Order of operations

Lots of opportunities to explore and practise the use of BODMAS

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Arithmetic, Order of operations


Investigate shapes formed by joining mid-points of adjacent sides of a quadrilateral.

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: 2D shapes, Geometry

Lift Off

Compare real data about the capacity of passenger lifts in the UK and EU

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Data, Box plots, Averages, Regression

London Marathon

Times and winners of the London Marathon (1981-2009).

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Data, Time series, Box plots, Sport, Statistics

Trial and Improvement

Use trial and improvement to find the roots of a quadratic - multiple representations

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Decimals, Data, Differentiation


Recording matchstick patterns leads to linear functions. (Contains video tutorial)

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Linear, Patterns

Optimizing the sheep pen

Discussion of seven different approaches to an optimization problem

Autor: Barrie Galpin

Schlagwörter: Various topics, Circle theorems