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Cathy Baars

Grootebroek, Nederland



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How can physics and maths help each other?

Verlag: T³ Nederland

Autor: Cathy Baars

Fach:  Mathematik, Physik


In my school there is no collaboration between maths and physics teachers. I think that is a pity because both subjects can benefit from each other.

Forensic science

Autor: Cathy Baars

Fach:  Andere, MINT

Schlagwörter: Materialien zum Bestellen, 

Materials used during Sharing Inspiration 2019 about Forensic science

An European TI-Nspire Science Pilot 2012

Verlag: T³ Europe

Autor: T³ Europe, Abdel Yazi, Armando Severino, Cathy Baars, Fernanda Neri, Fiona Dickens, Frank Liebner, Jean-Louis Balas, Lee Fox, Olivier Douvere, Petra Ryrstedt, Sanja Herrström

Fach:  Biologie, Chemie, Physik, MINT

Schlagwörter: MINT, Temperatur, Zeit, Physik

The TI-Nspire Lab Cradle - a solution to investigate work in science supporting students' understanding through the use of technology

Natuurkunde met TI-Nspire

Autor: Cathy Baars

Fach:  Physik

Schlagwörter: Messwerterfassung, Programmieren, Lehrplan, Zahl, Zufall, MINT

Experimenten en Simulaties Natuurkundelessen