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Making Music with Code for the TI-Nspire CX

Students will explore introductory level coding while creating sounds and music with the TI-Innovator Hub.

Verlag: Texas Instruments Inc.

Texas Instruments Inc.

Fach: Computer SciencePhysicsSTEM



Students create songs using coding


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Math of Music  

 Musical Scale  


Coding Concepts  





Project Resources

Download Teacher Document PDF  link   Word Doc   link

Download Student Document PDF  link   Word Doc   link

Download TI-Nspire Making Music with Code TI-Nspire Program File  link


Download TI-Nspire 88 Key Piano with Beats Per Minute TI-Nspire Program File link


Download Piano Keyboard Reference Guide PDF link

Download Piano Keyboard Image JPEG link



Learn to do the project yourself

Download Learn to do the project PDF link


Setting up

NEW September 2019: Update your TI-Nspire CX family handheld, TI-Nspire computer software and TI-Innovator sketch link



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